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Temporary Power

The Benefits of Temporary Power

What is temporary power?

Temporary power is a source of electricity for builders to use on-site for construction when no other source of electricity is available. In the scenario where there is a power cut, a temporary power supply will keep equipment running and lights on which can save construction workers time and money.

Furthermore, temporary power systems are becoming more popular in the construction industry because they allow contractors to work on projects without having to worry about access to the grid or the risks of transferring power in between sites.

Likewise, temporary power systems are also being used in disaster relief efforts where there is no access to the grid and it is too dangerous or expensive to set up a permanent system. A temporary power system can be set up to use the sun, geothermal heat, and wind to provide for basic essentials such as lighting and refrigeration.

How can the Murb be used for temporary power?

The Murb is a deployable wind turbine which seeks to displace diesel generators and other fossil fuel energy sources which are typically used in construction for temporary power. Unlike alternate options for temporary power, the Murb offers a sustainable and cost effective source of energy.

Additionally, the Murb has been designed to be moved around between locations and, due to its robust design, can withstand the most extreme environments. The Murb has a compact design suited for locations such as construction sites where there is potentially limited space.

The Murb is part of the worldwide ‘Green Revolution’ which aims to deliver clean, affordable and secure electricity.

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