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Vertical axis wind turbines

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

What are Vertical Axis Wind Turbines?

Vertical axis wind turbines, otherwise know as VAWT’s, is a type of wind turbine where the blades are mounted to the top of the main rotor shaft rather than the front. This allows for the generator and gearbox to be closer to the ground making it easier to maintain and repair.

Although less common than traditional wind turbines (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines), VAWT’s are more practical for a range of micro-grind applications such as inner city construction sites or remote telecommunication out-posts.

What are the benefits of VAWTs?

VAWTs don’t have to be facing the right wind direction since, in a vertical system, air flowing from any direction or speed can rotate the blades. This allows the turbine to work in most conditions at any time of the day or night.

In comparison to traditional turbines (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines), VAWTs have less parts and require no gearbox between the rotor and generator, therefore, significantly reducing the cost whilst increasing its durability. 

VAWTs are also a more cost-effective and sustainable energy solution compared to diesel generators and other fossil fuel energy sources.

Additionally, Murb turbines are deployable meaning that they are designed to be easily moved around between locations or act as a stationary energy source. The Murb can also be deployed to generate electricity in situations of energy famine where people are without electricity for basic needs such as safety or hygiene.

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