Imaginations places our manufacturing skills at your disposal, allowing you the chance to deliver bespoke kitchens tailored to your own, or your clients, vision.

It's about making a reality of your conceptualizations and allowing you to express your own unique design style. With no limit to the material, design or structure of the kitchen the potential for customisation is limitless.


Bring your designs to life. Perhaps you want to replicate the skyline outside your client's window or engrave corporate branding onto the doors; or just dream up an abstract pattern to compliment the interior design. The possibilities are limited only by your imaginations.

To create your own design, go to our downloads section to access the bespoke scultping template, then choose from our large range of product finishes.


By printing images or art onto doors you can create a kitchen with an outstanding sense of presence. Through a unique printing process these images can be presented in high resolution format to create a beautiful finished kitchen.

The image can be spread across any number of adjoining doors or panels to create a stunning panoramic display. Enhance your environment.